About us
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AB Development is a major property development company, operating across Moscow and Saint Petersburg regions for more than 11 years. During this time AB Development Company has earned a strong reputation as a leader in the provision of an exceptionally high-quality real estate in both residential and commercial sectors. In Russia, we are recognised for contemporary design in the very best locations and acknowledged as a business committed to exceptional customer service. Our portfolio includes 15 large-scale development projects, cultural objects and public spaces with a total budget exceeding 1 billion dollars and 8 fit-out management projects with a total budget over 120 million dollars. Today,
AB Development is a fast growing company with over 100 full-time employees.

In 2012, we started exclusively managing the assets of the Altera 3, an international real estate fund specialising in commercial properties, which owns several well-known properties in Moscow, including:
– The Cherry Orchard on Mosfilmovskaya Street. Description: The complex contains residential, office and industrial buildings for Mosfilm, Russia’s premier film production company. Size: 150 000 sq.m.
– Arcus III on Leningradsky Avenue. Description: a premier office complex in a Moscow’s thriving business district. Size: 80 000 sq.m.
– Residence Mone on 2-ya Zvenigorodskaya St. Description: an 18-storey luxury residential building close to the city centre. The project is being developed in partnership with Panavto company. Size: 38 000 sq.m.
– Residential complex in Vienna, Austria. Size: 10 000 sq.m.

Since 2013 we exclusively manage the international fund Arista together with Apex Capital Partners. Arista owns stabilised residential and commercial assets.

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About CEO
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During his 20 year career in real estate, Alexey Blanin, the CEO of AB Development, has completed over 1 million square meters of commercial and residential development projects with a total budget exceeding 2 billion US dollars and net operating income topping 500 million US dollars.

Alexey started his career at international real estate company Hines, where he advanced to positions of Vice Project Manager and Senior Project Manager. At Hines, he oversaw construction of Pokrovsky Hills, a luxury residential complex, and Ducat Place III, high-quality office centre, in Moscow along with 717-Texas, a 33-storey office building, and Cameron International Headquarters in Houston, Texas.

In 2005-2009, Alexey served as a head of Horus Capital one of the major players of Moscow commercial real estate market. The company completed over 400 000 m2 of commercial properties, which are still rented to 150 largest Russian and European companies.

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About the team
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AB Development is a team of 100 experienced and dedicated professionals with expertise in all aspects of commercial and residential property development and management. The commercial success of projects we manage and operational efficiency are the keystones of AB Development’s corporate culture. Quality, reliability, safety and extraordinary attention to details - these values are the foundation of our philosophy. We have employees who have worked at the company since the opening. Some of them had previously worked together in leading Russian and international development and construction companies.

Our achievements
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Our projects have gained Russian and international recognition and won many prestigious awards. We are proud to receive several Golden Bricks CRE Awards, Civic Trust Awards, RIBA International Awards, etc.

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AB Development is an expert in complying with BREEAM environmental standards and requirements. 6 of our objects have been officially BREEAM-certified. We utilise advanced energy efficiency technologies at every stage of project execution from planning, design and construction to management of completed objects. One of our goals is to bring sustainable value to development projects through the more efficient use of natural resources. We aim to reduce our environmental impact during construction and further usage of completed buildings through an implementation of efficient modern materials and practices.

Today, almost all our projects successfully pass BREEAM and LEED international certification which allows us to be called experts in green building.

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Historical Buildings
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Throughout the years we have remodeled and adapted for reuse several historic buildings and heritage sites. Working with old brick is our passion. Stanislavsky Factory and Bolshevik have received awards from Moscow City Heritage Department and international Civic Trust Award, RIBA International Award, International property Award. We don’t limit ourselves to preserving and restoring heritage buildings but aim to create a synergy, to help them integrate into modern lifestyle and environment. Through adapting old buildings for reuse we create unique urban public spaces.

Public buildings
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AB Development’s team has successfully realised a number of sport and cultural objects. Our portfolio includes a 50-meters long swimming pool and multifunctional sports complex as part of Olimpiya Park project, along with other sports objects, theatres, museums, cinemas and concert halls.