John McAslan + Partners

Together with John McAslan + Partners, AB Development has delivered 5 successful projects and currently in the process of their 6th collaborative project.

During 10 years of collaboration, we jointly have delivered the most ambitious and innovative developments in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and developed 30 buildings with total size exceeding 200 000 sq.m. Every single one of these buildings has raised the standard of modern living in the capital city and eastablished a new benchmark for quality area revitalization and adaptive reuse of historic sites. Through the fruitful collaboration of AB Development and John McAslan + Partners, unique public spaces and landscapes have been developed in the two largest Russian cities. Aleхey Blanin and Aidan Potter personally took part in joint projects, which have been recognised by the industry with prestigious awards.

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Aleхey Blanin (CEO, AB Development)

"We design our developments with a lot of architects and consultants. But I’m especially proud to collaborate with John McAslan + Partners and Aidan Potter.

For me, it means much more than commercial success and wide recognition of our joint projects. It is a benchmark of unique architecture that organically fits into the city’s landscape, meets business goals and reflects the objectives of building owners. We know how small details can make a significant difference, and this was especially true in regards to our partnership. I’d like to express personal gratitude to Aidan Potter for his devotion to work in Russia and on our joint projects."

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Aidan Potter (Partner, John McAslan and Partners)

"I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with Alexey and his terrific team for over ten years and during this period we have designed and delivered a remarkable sequence of projects together in Moscow and St Petersburg.

He was my very first Russian client and in the long history of the Practice we have no other single client with whom we have delivered more buildings and projects. Our portfolio together has included award-winning adaptations of significant Historic Buildings, new Business Parks, Corporate Headquarters, Sports and Leisure buildings, Theatres and other Cultural buildings, Schools, Residential developments and Masterplans all set within many prestigious new Landscapes and Public Spaces. This is almost a small City of projects and although diverse in use and location they have all benefited from Alexey's extraordinary and tireless attention to Detail and Quality. Our first project together at the Stanislavsky Factory established a new standard of adaptive reuse and accessible public space in Moscow and we still strive to maintain the same quality of design in all our subsequent work together.

Very few clients share his natural feeling and understanding of design, detail and delivery which makes him the most demanding and at the same time the most satisfying of colleagues to work with. It is by no means an exaggeration to say that the ongoing Renaissance of Moscow as a World City owes much to his reputation as a patron of Contemporary Design and the very distinct and innovative sequence of completed projects he has delivered in the City. He remains a great friend and inspiration to us and I don't doubt that we will continue to find and create Architecture together for many years to come."

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